Daily Archive: June 1, 2017


Tickle Me Elmo?

  “Knock, Knock…” “Who’s There?” “Ted…” “Ted, who?” “It’s Ted — I’m afraid of the big bad tickle monster –Nugent!!!” Today the Squirrel Edda News team has just discovered that life long hunter, and...


Hávamál 87

Auden-Taylor (1969): A witch’s welcome, the wit of a slave, A sick calf, a corpse still fresh. Hollander (1962): A sickly calf, a self-willed thrall, The smooth words of a witch, warriors fresh-slain.  Bellows...


Hávamál 86

Auden-Taylor (1969): A flying arrow, an ebbing tide, A coiled adder, the ice of a night, A bride’s bed talk, a broad sword, A bear’s play, a prince’s children. Hollander (1962): A flying dart,...