Daily Archive: August 8, 2017


Hávamál 126

Auden-Taylor (1969): Loddfafnir, listen, etc. Be not a cobbler nor a carver of shafts, Except it be for yourself: If a shoe fit ill or a shaft be crooked”; The maker gets curses and...


Hávamál 125

Auden-Taylor (1969): Loddfafnir, listen, etc. Bandy no speech with a bad man: Often the better is beaten In a word fight by the worse. Hollander (1962): Hear thou, etc. Not three words shalt with...


Kiln Is In the House

Breaking News: The kiln has arrived! Praise Odin and the other Gods, my wait is finally over. The pottery store delivered this used beauty last Friday. They went thru and replaced all the elements,...