Category: Hávamál

A complete list of all the Hávamál.


Hávamál 128

Auden-Taylor (1969): Loddfafnir, listen, etc. Never share in the shamefully gotten, But allow yourself what is lawful. Hollander (1962): Hear thou, etc. In ill deeds not ever share, But be thou glad to do...


Hávamál 127

Auden-Taylor (1969): Loddfafnir, listen, etc. If aware that another is wicked, say so: Make no truce or treaty with foes. Hollander (1962): Hear thou, etc. If wrong was done thee let thy wrong be...


Hávamál 126

Auden-Taylor (1969): Loddfafnir, listen, etc. Be not a cobbler nor a carver of shafts, Except it be for yourself: If a shoe fit ill or a shaft be crooked”; The maker gets curses and...


Hávamál 125

Auden-Taylor (1969): Loddfafnir, listen, etc. Bandy no speech with a bad man: Often the better is beaten In a word fight by the worse. Hollander (1962): Hear thou, etc. Not three words shalt with...


Hávamál 124

Auden-Taylor (1969): Affection is mutual when men can open All their heart to each other: He whose words are always fair Is untrue and not to be trusted. Hollander (1962): Then love is mingled...


Hávamál 123

Auden-Taylor (1969): An evil man, if you make him your friend, Will give you evil for good: A good man, if you make him your friend, Will praise you in every place. Notes: Auden-Taylor divide...