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I’m a part-time, semi-professional, wannabe artist. Come look at the art and stylings of Danny Korves


Sculpting Marathon Weekend

Two weeks ago my local pottery supply store gave me a few different glazes to try out. In a previous post I talked about a certain brand of glaze which didn’t live up to the...


Werewolf Planter (Glazing)

After a month of waiting and glazing follies, I have my “Viking Phases of the Werewolf” planter finished. I’m still new to the glazing world, but I finally found a good connection through a...


Thor Has Color (Sculpture Update)

Previously on Squirrel Edda Blog… Several months ago I started learning how to sculpt with hire fire clay. My goal was stop purchasing those expensive cookie cutter statues on Amazon, and save money by creating...


The Phases of the Werewolf

Even a man who is pure in heart, And says his prayers by night May become a Wolf when the Wolfbane blooms And the autumn Moon is bright  – Curt Siodmak (Novelist and screenwriter)  ...


Ostara/Ēostre With Color

I’m trying to keep up steam with my new hobby of clay sculpting. Last weekend I finished painting my rendition of Ostara/Ēostre, the statuette I sculpted for the Easter holiday celebration. I feel like...