Category: Squirrel Gossip

Ratatoskr likes to spread rumors. Ratatoskr likes to create chaos as well. Here is the latest gossip from up and down the world tree.


Tickle Me Elmo?

  “Knock, Knock…” “Who’s There?” “Ted…” “Ted, who?” “It’s Ted — I’m afraid of the big bad tickle monster –Nugent!!!” Today the Squirrel Edda News team has just discovered that life long hunter, and...


The Virgin Kim?

Breaking News… After two thousand and seventeen years the Catholic Church has announced the true identity of the Virgin of Bethlehem. It was long preached that a woman named Mary gave birth to the...


Guten Tag or Guten Duh?!?

This just in… The investigative news team at Squirrel Edda has just broken the Da Vinci Code of Germanic ancestral DNA makeup. According to our sources the guardian god of the Æsir, Heimdall, wandered...